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The Distribution Companies and Department of Energy Resources Have Completed the Evaluation of 83D Bids Received

The Distribution Companies and Department of Energy Resources have completed the evaluation of bids received in response to the Section 83D Clean Energy request for proposals (“Section 83D RFP”).  The bid evaluation process included monitoring and assistance by an independent evaluator.  The Distribution Companies have already contacted all bidders regarding their proposals under the Section 83D RFP.

Northern Pass Transmission, Hydro was determined to be the winning bid, which represents an annual purchase of approximately 9,450,000 megawatt-hours of clean energy generation for the Commonwealth’s electric customers.  The final acceptance of the bid and the award of a contract is conditional upon the successful negotiation of the contract and required regulatory approval at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, as provided in the Section 83D RFP.  If the bid selected to advance to contract negotiation at this stage does not successfully negotiate contracts, it may result in other bid(s) being selected to advance to contract negotiations.

See the 83D section of the website for more information.

Public Versions of 83D Bids Available

Public versions of the bids received in response to the Massachusetts Clean Energy RFP can be viewed in the Bids section of this website. Please note that the posting of public versions of bids received is subject to change, pending verification of full compliance with all submission requirements, as provided in the RFP. The site will be updated as necessary.

83D: Final Set of Answers to Questions Now Posted

The Evaluation Team published written responses to the final set of questions on June 30, 2017. The final set of questions arrived after the May 2, 2017 deadline to submit questions. The Evaluation Team offers these responses but please note that no further questions will be answered. Please refer to 83D Q & A for more information.