83D Timeline

This solicitation has concluded.


Any changes to the schedule up to and including the due date for submission of proposals will be posted at the Distribution Companies website, MACleanEnergy.com. The Evaluation Team reserves the right to revise the schedule as necessary. In addition, the Evaluation Team reserves the right to establish a schedule that is different than the one set forth in this RFP.

Issue RFP March 31, 2017
Bidders Conference April 25, 2017
Deadline for Submission of Questions May 2, 2017
Submit Notice of Intent to Bid May 2, 2017
Due Date for Submission of Proposals July 27, 2017
Selection of Projects for Negotiation January 25, 2018
Negotiate and Execute Long Term Contracts March 27, 2018
Submit Long Term Contracts for DPU Approval April 25, 2018