Informational Update – Public Comment Period

Informational update regarding the 83C Round 4 public comment period:

The RFP Drafting Parties requested public comment by March 1 to ensure sufficient time to review and incorporate comments on the RFP while adhering to the statutory deadlines related to the 83C solicitation schedule. Unfortunately, any comments that are received after March 1 may not be able to be reviewed and integrated as the RFP is finalized.

As a reminder, comments should be submitted to Marian Swain (Deputy Director of Policy and Planning at DOER) via email to with “83C Round 4 Comments” and the name of the individual or organization submitting comments in the subject line.

Request for Public Comment

February 10, 2023

Request for Public Comment on 83C Round 4 Solicitation for Offshore Wind Energy Projects by the Massachusetts Distribution Companies & the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), the Massachusetts Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs), and the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) (collectively “RFP Drafting Parties”) are seeking public comments on the Request for Proposals (RFP) for a fourth-round solicitation for offshore wind energy projects under Section 83C (“83C Round 4”). The RFP Drafting Parties have provided a set of questions to solicit input from interested parties and stakeholders on specific questions of interest related to 83C Round 4.

Interested parties and stakeholders are invited to provide comments in response to the prompts below and/or on any other topics related to 83C Round 4. Comments are also welcomed with specific reference to sections of the last RFP solicitation, 83C Round 3, available here. Whenever possible, please provide explanations or justifications for any recommendations provided. Please note that the RFP Drafting Parties will consider comments in drafting the RFP but not otherwise respond to comments received.

Submission Instructions: Please submit all comments via email to Marian Swain (Deputy Director of Policy and Planning at DOER) via email to as soon as possible, but no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Please include “83C Round 4 Comments” and the name of the individual or organization submitting comments in the subject line.

Confidentiality: Please note that all comments received will be posted publicly on the webpage following the submission deadline; unless a party indicates its submission contains proprietary or commercially sensitive business information that should be treated as confidential energy information, to the extent permitted by law.  Such submissions should be clearly marked “CONFIDENTIAL” and submitted along with a public version with any such confidential information redacted.  Commenters are encouraged to limit redactions to the extent possible. Pursuant to DOER’s authority under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 25A, Section 7, and Section 83C certain energy and other information collected by DOER can be maintained for the sole and confidential use of the Commonwealth, its agencies, and offices. DOER may also apply any applicable exemption under the Commonwealth’s public records law. DOER shall also confidentially provide any and all confidential comments or responses to the Massachusetts Electric Distribution Companies, the Office of the Attorney General, the Independent Evaluator, and possibly to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (collectively, the “Massachusetts Parties”) in a manner as determined by DOER, in its sole discretion.  In the event confidential information is submitted to DOER and confidential treatment is not afforded for any reason, by a governmental agency or otherwise, or any confidential information is inadvertently made public, DOER and the Massachusetts Parties shall not be held responsible.

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